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About Us

Welcome to ” Terrasse Du Lac Tamblingan Sari”, on the magical island of Bali and our beautiful region of Munduk and Bedugul, over looking majestic mountains and tranquil lake Tamblingan, we offer on the menu, organic ingredients and healthy fruit, vegetables, poultry and fish from our region, sometimes prepared the Balinese way, sometimes a little more international. What we want above all is to leave you lasting spiritual taste and a rich visual outlook of the mountains and the serenity of lake Tamblingan. Do not hesitate to walk in our garden, you will find fruits, medical herbs, spices, vegetables and flowers. Take the time to go around and even meditate if your heart is willing in the praying room, you are welcome.

We are located on jalan Danau Tamblingan, about 5 km south Munduk at 1300 meter above sea level, and 1 km from the main road of jalan Munduk-Wanagiri. You can also find us on google map and Trip advisor.

We are open daily from 9 am, so you can enjoy breakfast prepare with the fresh ingredients from our local market, or join us for lunch or dinner. We can also arrange for a combine trekking and lunch package. and if you want to take part in sharing your experience w also offer cooking classes so your friend and family can have taste of Bali when you get back home.

Our main goal at Terrasse Du Lac Tamblingan Sari is to share the beauty of those scenic view, mountains, lake and sea while enjoying a great meal and most travelers taking rest after a trekking in the jungle or rice fields or just passing by. We can assure you that you will be enchanted by the surrounding and the dishes we prepare for you. Enjoy your self while taking a glass of Balinese sangria and relax, breathed in the peacefulness of this magical place.

Hoping to share with you this unique experience with you on your discovery of Bali

Made Surasa

Munduk, Norht Bali