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Authentic Balinese cooking class

Authentic Balinese cooking class

Join us in our traditional and authentic cooking class in the beautiful and natural setting in lake Tamblingan in Bali. Participate and learn ancient technique and become familiar with fresh organic herbs, spices, vegetable and other ingredients that makes Balinese food delightfully tasty and also nutritious. Over the morning, we will explore different ways to blend and balance the various flavor to create a stimulating array of unique tastes.

Make your holiday in Bali paradise complete and memorable with your amazing experience by participating in an authentic cooking class at ” Terrasse du Lac Tamblingan Sari” restaurant.

The classes start in a open Balinese kitchen where we will offer you welcome drinks such as ; traditional Jamu of turmeric, lime and honey, rosella honey ice tea, chai latte and ginger or lemon grass tea. Give you bit of time to relax and enjoy the cool atmosphere surround of this place offer. After we will explain of all the ingredients we gather or picked up from the garden behind the kitchen for the day program, including, spices, meat, fish and vegetables. Most lesson are hosted by Made, our talented Balinese chef from the restaurant. After three hours of informative and entertaining experience in the kitchen the group will do final task of serving the meal, then enjoy the mouth watering dishes which the group has prepared. The day will conclude after a cup of Balinese coffee and the best part of the meals which is the ever popular black rice pudding and banana dumpling served with fresh grated coconut & palm sugar.

Dishes prepared ; Sayote Bergedel with mint, cumin yogurt sauce

Timbungan soup

Siap mesisit sambal bawang

Sate Lilit Ikan

Urapan sayur

Casava Bakar with rosemary

Black rice pudding with shredded coconut and palm sugar syrup

Pisang Rai / banana dumpling palm sugar

Price 25$ usd

Munduk, Norht Bali