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Tamblingan – Munduk Waterfalls & Rice fields Trek

Tamblingan – Munduk Waterfalls & Rice fields Trek

The trek start from Tamblingan agriculture through blue hydrangea flower plantation, vegetable and fruits. Then walk down among coffee arabica and robusta, clove, cacao, oranges plantation into the valley to discover amazing waterfalls where you will be entertained by the sound of birds, crickets and the natural forest beauty all around. Discover the first waterfall and enjoy scenery. After the trek continues to the area where you be able to closely observe local farmers cultivating their land and their team work spirit headed by the chief of farmer union. Arrive at second amazing waterfall have more picture taken and relax enjoy the natural atmosphere. The trek continue down a long river bank, now we propose you to see activities of the villages directly and will give more insight to the guest about Balinese villages tradition and the way of their life. Finally discover the most impressive waterfall about 85 meters high and it has breathtaking view, come down to the arch of the river to see rice field irrigation system which is call ” Subak ” walking along unique stream irrigation in traditional tunnel and public bath until wide beautiful rice field Terraces

Trek 1: Loop trek containing a number of waterfalls 3 hours trek, discover 3 waterfalls

Trek 2: Water spring trek 4 hours trek, discover spring water, 3 waterfalls and rice field

Trek 3: Environmental trek 5 hours trek, discover 3 waterfalls and wide rice field terraces The price includes : Bottle of water, ticket entry to waterfalls, guide, transport and lunch full meals international foods ( appetizer or soup, main course, dessert and coffee or te

Munduk, Norht Bali